Russell Anderson was born in 1931 and raised in Hunter, Kentucky. He came from a poor family back when the definition was far different than today. The family of seven was raised in a one-bedroom house with no running water or electricity. Two separate times his family had their house burn down and they lost everything.

As a boy, he started working in cornfields making fifty cents a day. At age nine, he wheeled sawdust for the local sawmills, and at eleven, he plowed fields with a mule for two dollars a day. In 1955, he took the first step to begin earning money by traveling with some friends to Michigan to work in construction. There, he learned the drywall trade and two years later, he started his own subcontracting business. Through hard work and God’s blessings, his business began to take off. Soon, he realized he was paying over $50,000 a month for building supplies, so he started his own building supply business, so he could sell to his dry walling business at cost. He made this business a success as well by selling to other construction companies. He later started a trucking business for the same reason.

Russel Anderson School Picture 1942-1943 Photo Credit: From the Coal Mines to the Gold Mines

Russel Anderson School Picture 1942-1943
Photo Credit: From the Coal Mines to the Gold Mines

From there, he ventured into real estate and began building apartments which he owned and maintained. At one time he owned 457 units, bringing in $45,700 a month in addition to the income from his other businesses. Adjusting for inflation, that was a massive income at the time. By all earthly standards Russell Anderson was the epitome of success, and someone to be emulated. However, he was like the rich man in Luke 18 who took no thought of his soul, instead focusing on building an even bigger empire.

In 1959, Russell Anderson realized he was a sinner in need of salvation and trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Soon after that, he learned about the doctrine of tithing. Rather than try to rationalize away why he couldn’t give, he just assumed if God commanded it that was good enough for him. He began tithing and never stopped. By the time he was thirty-eight, Russell Anderson was a millionaire. Rather than keep his giving limited to the traditional tithe, he increased his giving to thirty percent. By 1970, he had upped his giving to fifty percent of everything he owned to Kingdom ministries all over the world.

Over his lifetime, this man has given millions to help spread the gospel and advance the Kingdom around the world. He made it his life goal to do everything he could with his money to reach people for Christ and make something of their lives for God. In 1999, he gave away over $11 million, which comes to $30,000 per day.

God has blessed this man immensely, not just financially, but also spiritually. As a result of his giving, an estimated twenty-one million people have come to Christ from all over the world. The uneducated son of a coal miner from Kentucky, Russell Anderson became known as the Millionaire Businessman of God. The reason is because he truly understood the vision of Sabbath power and that God is the one who gave him wealth, so he could do what man would say was impossible.

God is no respecter of persons. He did not intend for there to be just one Russell Anderson. Russell Anderson did not receive some special favor from God. No, God wants to do the same thing with you. The question is, do you have the same mindset as Russell Anderson?